Thursday, January 3, 2013

Simple Changes

Yes, I am taking this simple living more seriously and intentionally.

Monday, July 9, 2012

I did not know

Last year I went to my sons's school website to get some info on something. When the school's homepage loaded I saw my son's name. As I looked further, I saw a beautiful painting of my son's school. How did I miss this? I knew the students had done some amazing artwork on a school wide mural. But I had failed to noticed my son's talent. He is a humble and quiet fellow. Not much for tooting his own horn. Wow! His painting was on the website for months for I knew about it. It was lovely. This year he painted another picture of a famous landmark in our area. I am amazed.
I had no idea.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Being New

One reaches a certain age where being new is appreciated. I am thrilled when I see something I have never seen before. This week my two precious kitties severed the mouse wire. Not a live mouse, rather a computer mouse. Within a few moments, the darlings severed the wire to my left favorite birthday present headphones. Glad my hubby is a handyman and will be able to repair both mishaps from the gremlins. This was new. I have had many cats and this was a first.
Two things I could live without using - tools of any kind and driving. I really should have someone do both for me...seriously.
Yesterday I had a new experience. My eleven year old son and I went to a friend's birthday party. The event was at a raceway where little kids and big kids can drive race cars. I expected the boys would be driving. The party host, my very dear friend, had two extra tickets for driving the race cars around the curvy track. She and I were going to drive the big cars. This may not seem a big deal to most people. But I had just navigated with gps the westside of town freeway while I practiced my deep breathing. Yes, I truly need someone to drive for me. Now I get to drive in a windy course for FUN??? I guess this is fun for most people. I was successful at my one lap around the windy kid sized track. And my friend was at the end of the track waving me in. I really was lost even on the one way circular track. Thankful for friends who flag me in on this windy track of life.

After the big lap

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My New Thing

So...after spending the last twenty two years raising children, teaching, and completing my master's, my life has come to enjoying the small things. My newest small things are these two adorable kitties. I have named the black one Rascal which explains who he is. Still playing around with names for the sweet grey kitty. I am a bit self conscious about my cat names. A friend once accused me of being non-committal and unoriginal with my pet names. My pets were Orangie and Blackie. I told my friend that my other cat was Friskey. She said I stole that from the cat food brand. I guess she was right. So now I bear the scar of lacking originality in my pet names and must spend valuable brain energy thinking of a name that is worthy of an adorable and preciously sweet grey kitty. July 9 update: I named him, Sugar.

Rascal and ???